Travel Tips


Safety of tourist becomes major concern as the crime rate is high. It is advised to take precaution while travelling so that tourists do not become an easy target. It is advised that the tourist travel through a taxi instead of using the public transportation. Tourist should wear conservative dresses and adopt local dress in order to avoid any attraction to natives. Please select early hours in day.


It is advised to ask before lighting up cigarette as smoking is banned by the government. Even the people do not follow this law strictly but it is better to be safe. Smokers are easily seen the public places, public transport as there is no any strict heavy charged levied. It becomes necessary to enforce the rule due to increasing number of smokers and arrange campaigns to educate people about the side effects of smoking.

When to Travel

Normally temperature is fairly high in summer season to an extent it can be quite sweltering in daytime. Tourists prefer to visit during the late winter or early spring when climate is pleasant and cool. There are chances of rain is from July to September. As food points in Harappa are not of good quility so bring with yourself or you can arrange from Sahiwal (neighbouring city) 24 Km away from Harappa. List of good food point in Sahiwal are.

  • Iris Hotel
  • Bulbul Hotel
  • LasaniĀ  Broast